‘Seat Product Model’–recent publication

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The Seat Product Model of the effective number of parties: A case for applied political science

Yuhui Li, Matthew S. Shugart

Electoral Studies 41, March 2016, pp. 23–34.


This paper extends Taagepera’s (2007) Seat Product Model and shows that the effective number of seat-wining parties and vote winning parties can both be predicted with institutional variables alone, namely district magnitude, assembly size, and upper-tier seat share. The expected coefficients are remarkably stable across different samples. Including the further information of ethnic diversity in the models hardly improves the estimate of the effective number of parties, and thus the institutions-only models are preferable on the grounds of parsimony and the applicability to electoral-system design or “engineering”.

5 thoughts on “‘Seat Product Model’–recent publication

  1. Sorry, but I had inserted the wrong link. I inserted the one from the page the correct link takes you to (which is the journal’s page for the article), rather than the one for the “free” offer.

    For the record, the link is: http://authors.elsevier.com/a/1SB9KxRaZBihr

    It is supposed to be good till January 29 (what time zone, I do not know). It expires earlier if fifty people have done a download.

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