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Fruits & Votes has been on line at its own dedicated website since August, 2005. However, it has been at this WordPress.com site only since October, 2013, when many rounds of frustration with the original host (PowWeb, which I do not recommend!) led me to seek an alternative. A big thank you to Steven for managing the transition for me!!

Click “home” above to get to the main blog page, or use the search box or links on the left sidebar.

Links to blog posts at the old site will not work anymore. However, all original posts and comments are here; it may require a search or browsing through the relevant category or the archives to locate them.

Various pages remain up at the original site, including:

While this is primarily the blog of Matthew S. Shugart, a Professor of Political Science at UC Davis (and fruit-grower), I have at times invited various co-bloggers to contribute. Unfortunately, the transfer of the blog from the old site to this new one resulted in former co-bloggers’ posts (e.g. Alan, Steven, and Tom) being credited to me instead. In the future, this might get fixed.

Reminder: Any old blog-post links at fruitsandvotes.com will no longer work; this includes some links within pages linked above. The actual posts and pages are still up, but the migration to a new site resulted in all of them getting new URLs. This is regrettable, but at least the site is still alive and growing!

2 thoughts on “About (and old links)

  1. Matthew: do you have data of women’s representation in MMP systems — breakdown of PR seats vs. district seats

    Hi Matthew, I hope all is well. I didn’t know you have relocated to UC-Davis, welcome to NorCal (I am in San Francisco). I work with Rob Richie on electoral reform etc. I am writing an article on lack of women’s representation in the U.S., and wanted to include some comparative info from PR democracies. In particular, the breakdown in MMP democracies of how many seats women win in the PR vote compared to the district vote. I am especially interested in results in Germany and Italy, but would also love to have it for Russia and Japan as well (I already have a source for New Zealand).

    Do you have this data, or have any idea where I can get it from? Thank you.

    All best,

    Steven Hill

  2. Mr. Shugart,

    While I only read a few of your blogs posts in the Ukraine Section, that did leave me with a single question… Would you consider offering any insights on the current event in Ukraine?

    Then there were a few more questions…
    I found your view of the Political Systems in Ukraine sharply dispassionate and objective.
    I wonder if you would be bold enough to dispassionately offer your predictions as to how events will unfold in the future, considering the upcoming elections in Russian Federation and Ukraine. I especially enjoy your parallels of the political systems/practices only present in Ukraine and countries of the African Continent.
    Furthermore, I wonder if you’d be willing to offer the “missing link” or an element of evolution in psychological, political or overall as a civilization – growth that Ukraine lacks? That is to say the element which prevents Ukraine from developing along the lines of Malaysia, South Korea … etc…

    Theoretically, how would you define the concept of “Manifest Destiny” from the point of view of Ukraine?

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