Final weekend–almost

Well, once again, we had some thrilling games in the final weekend of the regular season. Wait, not so fast. Seems we have one more regular-season game, after all. And we might even have two more.

The White Sox remembered, for at least a day, how to win a game, and earned a trip to Detroit to make up a rainout from earlier in the season. It has been a while since we’ve had one of these extra-day make-ups. If the Sox win it, they will have to win yet one more, against the Twins, to settle the Central. It has been a very long time since a baseball postseason berth was not decided till the Tuesday after the season was supposed to end. But this could be such a year.

The White Sox need to win two games in two days in different cities to keep alive the possibility of reliving 1906.

As for the last NL slot, the Mets completed their second-in-as-many-years collapse. Of course, it was nowhere near as impressive as last year’s fall from 7 up with 17 to go. But still an achievement. ((This year, they led by 3.5 on 10 Sept. At that point the Wild Card was not yet in the picture, as the Brewers were just beginning their own September swoon that they only recovered from in the last week.)) And while Mets fans will disagree, it’s OK. It just would not have seemed right to have, on the day after the final regular season game at Shea, a wild-card playoff (which would be a regular-season game).

And, just in time for Rosh haShannah, NJB ((Nice Jewish Brewer.)) Ryan Braun came up big again, as did CC. Congratulations to the Brewers!

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