Time, at least once more in 2008, to crank up that fight song. About 100 decibels should do.

The Angels, for the first time in their history, have won 100 games.

And their season has a nice symmetry to it.

Home record:


Road record:


That road record is the only above-.500 record in the league, other than the Yankees, who won’t be playing any October baseball this year (despite a better record than whoever emerges from that mess of a Central Division).

The win, over second-place Texas, also gives them a 21-game lead, which is one of the few >20 leads of all time.

As of this writing, the remaining suspense is whether the Mariners wind up 40 games out, or only 39.

And I have to tip the halo to Joe Saunders, who returned from passing a kidney stone to pitch a fine game today. ((Unlike his other two rotation-mates for the Division Series in their final regular-season tune-ups.)) As someone who has had kidney stones more than once in the past, and whose wife has had even bigger kidney stones, I can’t imagine how he had the strength.

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