NZ results

The results of Saturday’s election in New Zealand are now clear (albeit preliminary). The National Party has won 59 seats in a parliament that will have 122 seats. With 62 seats needed for a majority, it will be an easy government to form. The Act did better than I imagined possible, with 5 seats. The […]

Jubilation in Pakistan

The presence of a president chosen by the pre-transition parliament in what is otherwise a parliamentary democracy was always going to be anomaly. Ultimately, Musharraf’s remaining in power would rest on the credibility of a coup if the parties pushed too hard. Evidently, in retrospect, a coup was not credible and the parties–even alleged allies–were ready to push.

Saskatchewan election called

A provincial parliamentary election has been called for 7 November in Saskatchewan. The New Democratic Party currently holds the government, as it has after seven of the last nine elections, including four straight. It won a very narrow majority (30 of 58 seats) on 44.7% of the votes in 2003. This will certainly be an […]

Ontario election and referendum on MMP

MMP was defeated resoundingly, getting less than 37%. And, oh, by the way, the Liberals won nearly two thirds of the seats on only 42% of the vote. More later. Meanwhile, this thread continues to grow. Thanks for the comments. (I have weighed in there a few times, too.) On 10 October, voters in Ontario […]

Newfoundland and Labrador election today

Votes are being cast today in a general election in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. The incumbent Conservative party is expected to be reelected. The current standing of parliament is 34 Conservatives, 11 Liberals, and 1 NDP (and two vacancies). The Conservatives won the last election, in 2003, handily. Those 34 seats represent more […]

Avo graveyard

This is the view now looking west from Ladera Frutal HQ. An avocado grove has been stumped and the trunks whitewashed. This is now a common sight in these parts, as trees that had their tops severely killed back in the freeze in January are being prepared for re-grafting on to the still-alive tissues of […]

The partisan lens: Diminishing in voters’ assessment of Bush on Katrina?

There are two primary means by which citizens might assess blame for what almost everyone seems to agree was an inadequate on-the-ground response to the disaster at the Gulf Coast: 1. The president is responsible and should be blamed for not acting faster and more decisively as soon as the scale of the storm was […]