Colorful cloud


An hour or so before sunset, this colorful cloud appeared in the southwestern sky. When I first noticed it out my window, I thought I was just getting some sort of light effect from the dual-paned widow itself. But it looked that way from outside, too. At least around these parts, this is an unusual sight.

Yesterday we had heavy wind (gust here up to 35, which is rare, but other areas nearby had much stronger) and quite a bit of rain (1.4 inches here, more elsewhere). Today very chilly, by local standards (high 55F). More rain coming in the next few days, and likely a cold night tonight. Winter is here.


Yesterday I looked out the window at about six in the morning and saw an unusual reflection. What was it? Oh, morning sun–the first time in nearly six weeks that there had been actual sunshine at sunrise.

Today things have returned to normal.

View to the east of the finca, 8:40 a.m., 17 June 2009



OK, so it is not exactly the golf-ball sized hail that struck parts of west Texas earlier, but this is quite a good sized hailstone for these parts. We almost never get hail at any time of year. Or rain at this time of year. And today was marked by thunderstorms and brief rain and hail throughout much of the day. Strange. And a lot nicer (and more interesting) than the uninterrupted marine layer gloom of most of the previous five days.

30 over 3

There is something inherently weird about a weather pattern in which the high temperatures three days apart can differ by (almost) 30 degrees (Fahrenheit).

And I suppose I am in a very tiny minority of San Diego County residents who much preferred the day when it was 103 to the day when it was 74.

(Some like it hot.)