I’m back

Well, sort of. Challenges of internet access out in the countryside will make appearances on line somewhat limited for a while.

In the meantime, here’s a view from the new finca.

(It actually looks much nicer than that. See, I said some internet issues were yet to be worked out…)

Thanks to those who have kept things active during my absence.


Blogging–by me, anyway–will be almost non-existant till the very end of March or early April. The move to the Davis area is upon us at last!

Those who have the keys to the virtual orchard are invited to plant (as Alan did earlier today). I will be checking comment threads now and then; if your comment lands in the moderation queue, it may take longer than usual for me to spot it and clear it.

Gremlins again

Twice this week, we have had the return of orchard gremlins. It had not happened for a while, but now and then the blog software automatically re-sets all comments to off, and tells readers they must be “registered and logged in to comment”.

This is not a setting I am doing ((First time commenters will have their comment put in the moderation queue until I can confirm it.)); I have no idea why it happens, and no one ever needs to register or log-in to comment at F&V. Whenever I catch this having happened, I will reopen comments.

I also never close old threads. F&V works best when readers remember and locate an old thread and post a comment when something new has happened that is relevant to the thread.

There will be times now and then when I am unable to check for a day or two to make sure that comments are, in fact, open.

Thank you for you patience and for your comments.

Comments are open

Not that I ever closed them.

Somehow the comment forms automatically close–now for a third consecutive weekend. I have to manually reopen them (using a Batch Status plug-in, fortunately).


Once again, the setting requiring users to be registered and logged in to comment was auto-checked over the weekend. I have no idea why this happens. I have manually unchecked it. Again.

Back on

The blog seems to have taken Shabbat off. And why not?

For some reason, readers could not post comments yesterday. When I went into the Word Press “dashboard” this morning, I found that the option “users must be logged in to comment” was checked. I had never checked it.

We’ve had this problem before, and I have no idea how to prevent it. But I was able to uncheck the setting, and everything should be open for business again.