Hunza protection

Sometimes, I go to great effort to try to protect the fruit from squirrels. This chicken-wire basket worked. And was worth it. This is the only fruit the Hunza apricot tree has had since either 2010 (when we were away, so I would not know) or 2009 (when it had several fruits, before being transplanted […]

Netted Hunza

The Hunza apricot has a dozen or so fruits this year. No, that is not a big crop, but it is more than I ever really expected. This was not, by reputation, a variety likely to succeed here. But reputation never keeps the scientific farmer from an experiment! The fruit is barely noticeable in the […]

Hunza kernels

Not surprisingly, the home-grown Hunza kernel was fresher tasting (even months from harvest), but it lacked the complexity of flavor of the Himalayan Harvest kernels. Climate and altitude do matter!

Aviv 5781

We are in Aviv! Spring, and this day before the day before the spring festival, Pesach, starts, please join me on a little walk around the orchard. Thanks to a good amount of winter chill (750–800 hours or even more) and a mostly benign spring (more on that qualifier later), the bloom is the best […]

Apricot blooming, 2018

The ‘Canadian White Blenheim’ apricot has reached full bloom. It has the pinkest flowers of any of the ten or so apricot varieties I’ve ever grown over many years. Strange, given that its fruit has one of the palest flesh tones of any apricot. This variety has fruited for me before, both here and in […]

Rare apricot watch

This is a pleasant surprise. After a winter with on-and-off again chill (two pretty good cold periods of about two weeks each sandwiching an exceptionally hot January). the Hunza apricot is in full bloom. When I planted this tree three years ago, I didn’t necessarily count on getting fruit. It was very much an experiment. […]

Peak apricot season!

Peak apricot season has arrived within the past week. And that’s always one of the best seasons of the year! The ‘Newcastle’ reached its peak this year a little later than usual; This year, we also have several varieties of “white” apricot: Shaa Kar Pareh, Canadian White Blenheim, and nothing quite beats the thrill of harvesting one’s own Hunzas!

Spring, 2007

Today, 21 March, is the first day of spring, with the vernal equinox having arrived at 00:17 UTC (meaning technically spring began here yesterday afternoon)… Obviously, from the standpoint of the trees themselves, it has been spring here for a while… And if the vernal equinox has arrived, then Pesach is right around the corner, at the full moon, as perfect for illuminating one’s liberation as the springtime is for reminding us of the opportunities ahead.

More cheating on chill

On December 22, I noted how one can take advantage of the lower position of the sun in mid-winter and plant deciduous fruit varieties near tall evergreens in a way as to maximize the accumulation of chilling hours. That post contained a photo of the hedgerow located within the corralito, which is itself located within […]