Grand coalition deal in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko and the man he defeated in the wake of the Orange Revolution of late 2004, Viktor Yanukovych, yesterday signed a Declaration of National Unity. The expected government will contain the parties led by the two men, plus the Socialists. Yanukovych will be prime minister. The three parties won a combined 299 […]

Longevity of grand coalitions

In the comments to an earlier post on Germany, Stefan asks a good question about the longevity of “grand coalitions.” First, some definitional considerations. Some countries are governed by more-or-less permanent “grand coalitions” that incorporate all the major ethnic or religious groups of a divided society. One example would be Lebanon (with a rigid formula […]

A good case FOR Germany’s grand coalition: Federal reform

(Not that I ever had as much negative to say as others.) The advantage is that the grand coalition will effectively neutralize the veto of the Bundesrat (upper house, representing the state governments). This government will be able to tackle reforms to the center–state distirbution of policy-making powers that a government containing only one of […]

Sensible thoughts on the grand coalition

Thanks to one of the commenters at Chris Lawrence’s post to which I have now linked three (!) times already (sorry, Chris, you don’t get a fourth just yet), I found some very sensible comments on the grand coalition possibility in Germany, and more generally on proportional representation. Regarding PR, Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution […]

American divided government vs. German grand coalitions

How similar is the common pattern of “divided government” in the USA (national or state level) to the past and probable near-future pattern of “grand coalition” governance in Germany? Various bloggers this week have discussed this comparison, including Stephen Karlson, Betsy, and Chris Lawrence. It warms this comparative politics scholar’s heart to see this level […]

Germany, multipartism, and “inconclusive” results: Would a grand coalition be so bad?

There has been a lot of hand-wringing about the prospect of a grand coalition after Germany’s “inconclusive” election. There has even been some borderline alarmism from some of the “risk” analysts and words like “political chaos” from the business pages. OK, can everyone just calm down a bit? A grand coalition is not such a […]

Elections in September, 2021–campaigns matter

It won’t be quite like September, 2005, back when the virtual orchard was just a sapling, but somewhat like that September sixteen years ago featured several interesting elections, this month also looks great for election watchers. In September, 2005, we had elections in three major examples of mixed-member systems: Japan, New Zealand, and Germany. (As […]

Israel 2021a preview

Israel’s general election is 23 March. To give away the punch line, I will note the subject line calls this the “2021a” election. That’s because the final polls point to continuing deadlock, and a high chance that there will be a 2021b later this year. Of course, such a result is not inevitable. Maybe the […]

The 35th Israeli government and Basic-Law revisions

Last week, Israel finally got a new government, after three elections in under a year, the most recent of which was March of this year. And what a government it is! Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud will remain prime minister, with a planned rotation of the premiership to Benny Gantz in 18 months. It is […]