Galloway is back

The very strange career of George Galloway has taken a new turn with his thumping victory in a by-election in Bradford West consituency. The guy is a complete arse (yes, we editorialize around here from time to time), but he most certainly is interesting. His claim to “have won the most sensational victory in British […]

Is Scottish MMP being “gamed”?

As noted in an earlier comment thread, initially by Dave Hutcheson, former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, has formed a new party called Alba. It plans to run only list candidates. This has raised some questions about whether this is a “gaming” of the MMP system to enhance the majority of pro-independence parties, bypassing […]

Very poor showing for Labour in English local elections

In local elections across England yesterday, the ruling Labour party took quite a hit. The projected votes percentages were: Conservative, 40% Labour, 26% LibDem, 27% The net Labour-Conservative swing was over 200 council seats (out of a total of 4,360). Contrast this with the parliamentary election, just under one year ago: Conservative, 35.7% Labour, 35.4% […]