BC-STV, take 2

British Columbia is now just over a week away from its (second) referendum on the proposal to change to single transferable vote for future provincial legislative assembly elections. The referendum will be concurrent with the election to the next provincial assembly, by FPTP, at which the Liberals will be seeking a third term. The voting […]

BC-STV referendum delayed

The second referendum to consider moving to the single transferable vote (STV) form of proportional representation for British Columbia provinicial legislative elections has been delayed until 2009. The first referendum, on the proposal of the BC Citizens Assembly, was held in May, 2004, at the last general election. It “passed” with 57% of the vote […]

What could we expect from electoral reform in BC?

This week is the beginning of the mail voting period for the referendum on whether to reform the electoral system for provincial assembly elections in British Columbia. The ballot asks two questions: (1) Do you want to keep the current FPTP system or “a proportional representation voting system”: (2) If BC adopts PR, which of […]

BC electoral reform options for referendum

[Correction made, re the MMP proposal] The electoral-reform process in British Columbia has advanced another step with the Attorney General’s release of recommendations. The existence of this process is a product of the deal struck after the 2017 election, which resulted in a minority NDP government, backed by the Green Party. In either October or November, […]

Ontario Citizens Assembly has held first session, so Beware!

Via Fair Vote Canada: The long-awaited convening of the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform took place at York University campus on the weekend of September 9-10. One hundred and three citizens, representing every riding in the province, began their work to determine whether Ontario needs a new voting system. Assembly Chair George Thomson welcomed […]

Referendum approval thresholds and turnout: The PEI vote on MMP in comparative perspective

Should a referendum on a fundamental policy or institutional change require more than 50%+1 of the votes cast? Should it require some minimal voter turnout in addition to a majority? These are important questions regarding direct democracy, and different jurisdictions have different rules on this question of referendum approval thresholds (as I alluded to in […]