Correction: Thailand is using MMM, not MMP

I had understood that Thailand would be using mixed-member proportional representation (MMP) in this year’s election. However, I have been corrected by a kind Twitter user, who sent me this article. In fact, it is mixed-member majoritarian (MMM). The article is in Thai, so I am relying on Google Translate. Some key points in the article (per Translate):

There are 500 MPs in total.

• 400 constituency divisions

• List of 100 people

List of MPs come from political parties, creating a list of 1 list for each party. [...]
• Names must not be the same as candidates for constituencies. [...]

Method for calculating the number of MPs on a list basis
    • Item (1) includes all the votes received by all political parties from the national party-list election.
    • item (2) total score from item (1) divided by 100 = average score per 1 party-list MP.

3 thoughts on “Correction: Thailand is using MMM, not MMP

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