Move beyond two-party system to fix American democracy–WaPo

I am honored and humbled to have been quoted extensively in today’s Washington Post column by Christopher Ingraham.

How to fix democracy: Move beyond the two-party system, experts say.

In addition to various quotations from me (from an exchange I had with Ingraham), there are quotes and a link to my post on the emergency OLPR reform.

10 thoughts on “Move beyond two-party system to fix American democracy–WaPo

  1. Respect, MSS!
    “However, at some point the comments below Professor Shugart’s post devolved into a bizarre and seemingly random collection of anecdotes comparing Second Republic Rome to the rules of order for the student council at The University of Queensland, Australia, four decades ago…” – one takes pity on Mr Ingraham for wading into that particular sewer. (-;

  2. I propose a proportional two round system:

    first round: voters rank parties (independents can run as a party of one as well) and parties getting the threshold qualify for the second round

    second round: all candidates from the qualifying parties run and the candidates with the most votes from each party get the available seats

    This idea would allow for transferable votes within parties in the first round and simple plurality voting in the second round, along with proportionality.

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