USA 2020

Was there anything going on in the United States today? Oh, right, an election, I voted so long ago I almost forgot.


4 thoughts on “USA 2020

  1. It’s the firstt ime Maine AND Nebraska do not give alle their electors to one candidate. Why did Maine & Nebraska replace winner-take-all for their congressional district method? Because the state legislature had a different majority than their voters in presidential elections and the state party wanted to take a seat from the statewide presidential majority party?


    • I will admit I had been rooting all summer and fall for this to finally be the election in which both those states split their electors (conditional on it not being decisive in Trump’s favor). And it happened!

      I do not know the story of how these states decided to allocate one elector pre House district. In the past other states have done this, too, but I can’t recall seeing a detailed account of either which states did it when, or what the debates were over changes. Someone must have collected this, but I do not know.


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