Indonesia 2019

Indonesia’s general elections are on 17 April. For the first time, these will be concurrent–president and assembly on the same date. Previously, since the country’s 1990s democratization, assembly elections had been held in the counterhoneymoon, i.e., several months before the presidential election.

Indonesia has a wonderful election mascot. We need more of these in the world of elections.

Source: Lowy Institute report on election.

(Yes, there are a lot of elections this month and next!)

6 thoughts on “Indonesia 2019

  1. Prabowo. the defeated candidate, has claimed the relation was rigged and that he is the legitimate president. He took the same line at the last election, which he also lost. Articles in the Indonesian and Australian press have both compared this behaviour to Trump. I wonder, if Trump should adopt the same tactic in 2020 will anyone in the US press call it doing a Prabowo.

    • “… Jakarta: Ten days after Indonesia held the world’s biggest single-day elections, more than 270 election staff have died, mostly of fatigue-related illneses caused by long hours of work counting millions of ballot papers by hand, an official says.”
      Reuters, “‘Exhaustion’ kills hundreds of Indonesian election workers”, The Age (28 April 2019)
      1. Whoah.
      2. That’ll show up for sure in No2whateverchangeisproposed’s TV attack ads next time the Federal Republic of England & Wales holds a referendum on electoral reform.

      • The United Kingdom of England, Wales, the Scillies and All the Wallops will have trouble retaining Wales, London, Manchester and Liverpool. Naturally they will blame this on foreigners promoting such revolting Continental practices as proportional representation and the consumption of patat oorlog.

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