Israel 2019 update: fragmentation on the right

As I noted in my initial post about the 2019 Israel election, not only is division on the left not the reason the (center-)left likely will not win, but the right is divided, too. From the excellent Twitter feed of Lahav Harkov (a journalist for the Jerusalem Post), comes this nugget:

BREAKING Former IDF Chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz is the new leader of Bayit Yehudi.

Interestingly, in Netanyahu’s response to this, he called on Bayit Yehudi to unite with National Union and Otzma L’Yisrael – aka the Kahane party. He said they need to unite so right-wing votes don’t fall under the threshold and lead to a left-wing govt being formed.

So this got me wondering, in parliamentary politics (Israel or elsewhere), how often does the leader of one party call on the leader of another party to make a pre-election alliance with yet other parties?

First case I can think of!

And, yes, Netanyahu is right to be worried about this.

4 thoughts on “Israel 2019 update: fragmentation on the right

  1. It ended up being more extreme than this post. Bibi went a step further than just calling on the parties to unite, he actually gave a spot to the Jewish Home in the Likud list just to get them to agree to a deal with Otzma.

    • Yes, that made it even stranger, from the standpoint of what I expressed in the post: it meant a party (BY) was in two different alliance lists simultaneously. First case of that I can think of, too (I mean not counting cases where parties routinely have multiple lists in a district.)

      Note that I use the past tense. The candidate was registered as a member of Achi, another right-religious party, and Likud registered its list as a Likud-Achi alliance. They did this because the arrangement with BY candidates in two lists might have been ruled illegal.

      (And, yes, the whole lifeline thrown to Kahansits is really terrible.)

  2. There is also another angle to it: There is allegedly a deal for Likud and Bayit Yehudi to support the election of an Otzma member (if one is elected) to the Knesset Judicial committee. (Reported on Israeli TV news.)

    This is, of course, in addition to the promises to BY regarding two cabinet ministerial positions, and that Otzma and BY will split into separate Knesset factions while the BY (Achi) member will split from Likud and go back to the BY faction.

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