4 thoughts on “Bosnia and Herzegovina, election 2018

  1. One thing to mention here: Croats have the feeling “their” seat in the collective presidency is “stolen” by Bosniak votes. The Bosniak and the Croat member are elected from the Federation and voters everywhere in the Federation (irrespective of their own ethnicity) can choose to vote in the contest of one of both seats. In stead of overcrowding the field for the Bosniak seat, part of the Bosniak competition spills over to the Croat seat, electing a Croat candidate for a mostly Bosniak party with mostly Bosniak votes. Voters in the Federation split rather evenly 52%-42% in choosing to take part in the competition over the Bosniak/Croat seat, while at the census 2013 Bosniak outnumber Croats by 70%-22%.

    • That’s very interesting. From the perspective of designing a collective presidency for a plural society, such “spill over” might be a feature, rather than a bug. On the other hand, if voters of an ethnic group are using language like “stolen” it looks more like a bug.

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