So, what about districts?

As long as the topic of electoral-college reform has come up, what about a district allocation plan? I have not attempted to look at what it would have meant in 2016, but from what we can surmise from past elections, it would have tended to favor the Republican candidate in a close election. Presumably this one, too.

3 thoughts on “So, what about districts?

  1. The Gerrymandering in America Team is working on it, looks like it would reward GOP even in big Dem years like 2012 in part because a number of swing states (PA, MI, OH, WI) have severely biased districting plans.

    • Mike, did you look at the post I linked there? Yes, 2012 appears as if would have reversed the result under such a plan. I updated it later with a comment on the 2012 districts.

      • Just saw it, and fully agree that campaign effects would have that impact in close districts, I’ll join over there!

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