Light up the halo!

And crank up the Fight Song!!!

From my seat at Game 1 of the 2002 World Series. Let’s get back there.

4 thoughts on “Light up the halo!

  1. I am impressed that a post of june from 2005 is one of the first relevant links when you put “angels fight song” into Google. I am even more impressed that Google has tracked the new links for the posts that were originally at the old site.


  2. From another Angels fan (since 2002- yes, my family and friends are still trying to adjust), “Let’s go to a Freeway Series, we don’t want to go to San Fransisco in October, again!”


    • I’ve been waiting since the early 1970s for a Freeway Series. However, now that I live closer to the Bay, I’m a bit torn. It would actually be possible for me to get to a game in San Francisco this October.

      Oh, well, still many steps before we should think too much about that!


  3. The fight song was played for years as the lead in on the pre and post game shows on Angels broadcasts on KMPC Los Angeles. The lead in on the actual game broadcasts was a big band version of Take Me Out to the Ballgame. The Angels actually own their own radio station now, KLAA Orange. and the fight song is used frequently during the pre/post game and game broadcasts. It is always the lead out at the end of the post game call in show every night. Tradition lives on in Anaheim.


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