Quick Ontario update

The general election in Ontario is about three weeks away. The current polling aggregate and seat estimate at ThreeHundredEight are interesting.

From ThreeHundredEight.com, May 21, 2014

(The image seems not to be displayed; maybe the link to the image capture will work if you click on it.)

The current projection suggests the distinct possibility of a plurality reversal. Conservatives are projected to have a small lead in votes over the Liberals (35.8% to 34.3%), but Liberals are ahead in the seat projection, 44-41. NDP is on 22 seats, from 23.4% of the (estimated) vote.

Current party standings are Lib 48, PC 37, NDP 21, with the NDP having gained a net four since the 2011 election via by-election wins.

One thought on “Quick Ontario update

  1. ThreeHundredEight reports that the Liberals are now in majority territory, although who knows what the next poll will say…

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