Even the Eucs have damage

The recent cold snap was more intense than expected. We dropped to 20 degrees (F) one morning for about an hour and a half, and over an eleven day period we accumulated about 95 hours below freezing and 14 hours of 25F or below.

Much to my surprise, even some mature Red Ironbark Eucalyptus has sustained damage. Not all the trees, but several. In fact, sometimes a damaged tree and a relatively unscathed one are side by side. Probably more a case of seedling variation than of micro-climates.



I am sure these will recover fully. What about my young citrus and other fruit trees? The jury is still out. The cold frames (and brooding lights) might have spared some of them, but we will wait for spring to be sure.

3 thoughts on “Even the Eucs have damage

  1. That week it was a brutal environment indeed for those of us–e.g., Southern California boys, Australian native flora–who are used to nice mild winters. I went out yesterday and looked at some of these trees again, and some have almost all their leaves dried up. But I still think they will recover.


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