Cold snap

At sundown today the temperature already was only 44F. Expecting a hard freeze the next two, maybe three, nights.

Here in the Sacramento Valley, I no longer have near-tropical fruit trees, but I have some tender trees that may be damaged. Such as the citrus trees underneath these cold frames (plastic sheeting supported by wood structure) or the (presumably less at-risk) potted plants under the cloth sheets.


I hope the cold is not as bad as the Freeze of 2007, when I lost a lot of tender items, such as mangoes and sapotes and a couple of young citrus trees, in San Diego County.

That’s our now-defoliated vineyard beyond the fence.

Apologies for shooting the photo through the window. It’s too cold to go back outside!

7 thoughts on “Cold snap

  1. In Broken Hill the temperature maxed at 41C/105.8F on Tuesday. The minimum was 27. The day after the max was 20C and the minimum was 9.


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