Theme change

You get what you pay for. At this point, I am working with the selection of free “themes” that Word Press offers. There were several things about the previous theme that I had been using since moving to that I did not like. So here is another one to try out. While I was at it, I decided to upload an image of the Sierra as seen from the outer portion of the Plainfield finca, looking over the neighboring vineyard, olive grove and goat dairy.

Let me know if this does (or does not) work well for you.

9 thoughts on “Theme change

  1. Its odd that what is basically a technical and academic (though pro-reform) political science site is having so much difficulty securing a niche on the world wide web.

  2. I am not sure what you mean by that, Ed. I think F&V has a niche, demonstrated by people like you, who read it and sustain it with comments.

    The only problem the site has had is attack by spammers, which I hope will not be an issue here at the host. I changed the ‘theme’ because I thought the one I had since moving to this host was, well, too bland. I also did not like that there was a huge gap of white space between the end of a post and its first comment. This one at least corrects that.

  3. It’s nice that the white space is gone. But this theme still has a lot of “wasted” space. The header takes up so much room that I see almost no text when I load the front page. And between the bottom of the post and the first comment is a lot of random stuff too, “Share this”, “Related”, etc. Think there’s any way around this?

  4. Vasi, thanks for the feedback. The header is big. When in tried it out, it was more or less the same size even before I uploaded the photo. (And I want some photo in order to “personalize” it.)

    So you see “share this” buttons? They do not show up for me, which is odd. I do see the “related” which is just default, and not all that useful. I did not see a way to get rid of it, but there may be one.

    What about ads? Are you seeing ads? I really do not want those, but I have to pay to remove them. A “premium” Word Press subscription also lets you have much more flexibility with the template. But this blog has already started to cost me more than I ever expected–mainly due to all that I spent to try to solve the spam problem at the old site (which I need to maintain, for various reasons, even though the blog is no longer there). So even though the premium fee is modest, I am not at the moment eager to pony up. I hope the annoyances are not too much for my valued readers.

  5. Oh, I see the “share this” now. It was not there yesterday! But it does not really take up a lot of space. And maybe it is useful for some readers, and for publicity?

    • Vasi, thanks, that’s what I see, too. I looked and the theme apparently has no way to turn off that “related” section, which takes up most of the space. I think the “like this” (on Word Press) is also not an option. I could turn off the “share this”, but its usefulness:space ratio seems marginally higher than those other (non-)options.

      Good that there are no ads, though that might change. Or maybe the site has too little activity to be worth an advertiser’s trouble.

  6. Can I respectfully register my vote for a different WordPress theme… the latest one reads fine when I’m online (which is two or three times a day) but when I’m offline (the only way I can work!) for some reason it shows up as black text on a black background…

    • Tom, I have my doubts that is a theme-specific issue. Have you tried the mobile version? I have enabled it, though have not tried it myself. It might be more off-line friendly.

      As for theme change, I have been through all the free ones, and this is the best of the lot. It is not ideal, but at this point I am not planning to use one that has a fee. Sorry!

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