A basic question for anyone who knows Word Press

[Yes, we are having technical difficulties…]

As some readers no doubt noted, there was a shutdown recently. No, not that one in Washington, but at this blog. Yet again, the hosting service shut it down due to spammers having somehow used the domain to send spam emails. Hence a question for anyone who is sufficiently familiar with Word Press…

One piece of advice I have received is to remove any old plug-ins. I have a few installed that are from 2007 or older, so they could be vulnerable. I have deleted entirely those that I had inactive or that are otherwise outdated. However, one I do not want to eliminate is Get Recent Comments (the one that generated the feed on the right sidebar.)

There is a newer plug-in that should do the same thing. However, it is unclear to me how to get it working. It is now supposedly installed and “active”, but then what? I assume I need to invoke it somehow in my main index page, but the plug-in website does not explain what that code should look like.

Can anyone offer advice on getting the blog to show the comment feed from this new plug-in? It is probably a very basic question–for anyone who knows Word Press.

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