Remember Victor D’Hondt!

It is not too late to make a difference. Sign the online petition sponsored by the Victor D’Hondt Society on the occasion of the meetings of the Belgian and Dutch political science associations in Ghent.

Victor D’Hondt is a well-known pioneer of proportional representation, and his “D’Hondt-method” to distribute seats during elections is used all over the world. D’Hondt himself, who was professor at the University of Ghent, has largely been forgotten. That is a shame, as the ‘software’ needed to ensure proportional representation makes a strong contribution to enabling free and fair elections.

On May 30-31, 2013, the Belgian and Dutch political science associations hold their annual meeting for the first time in the historal city of Ghent, which is the home-town of Victor D’Hondt. The city of Ghent has a strong tradition of naming new street names to Ghent citizens who had a real social impact. On the occassion of this conference, we do ask the city of Ghent to take Victor D’Hondt into consideration in this regard, for his important contribution to ensuring free and fair elections throughout the world.

(And, note the spelling; perhaps we can put the controversy to rest.)

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