Pakistan general election 2013

Continuing our series of elections in large developing-country jurisdictions using FPTP, ((Mostly; there is a small tier of seats set aside for women and minorities, which are elected from party lists. Details at IFES.)) we have an election in Pakistan this Saturday, 11 May.

2 thoughts on “Pakistan general election 2013

  1. Dawn has the results, with a map. Short version: Of 272 seats, PML-N (N for Nawaz Sharif) has 126, in second place is the outgoing leading party, the PPP, with only 31. Imran Khan’s party, the PTI, has 29. The MQM is fourth, with 18 (and won most of the seats in Karachi). No other party has more than 11, although there are 29 seats held by independents. (Results still awaited at last check for one seat, and in four the election was postponed.)

    Some of the independents are expected to give the PML-N at least the 11 seats needed to command a majority in parliament, meaning Nawaz Sharif will not be “forced into a coalition”, as BBC World Service put it this morning.

    I have not seen votes totals yet, but presumably the PML-N’s plurality of votes is somewhat short of its 46.3% seat percentage.


  2. The bandwagoning is taking place now.

    PML-N gets majority after 18 Independents join party” (20 May).

    43 newly elected legislators join PML-N” (23 May); this latter article refers to 12 (not 18) Members of the National Assembly and 31 members of the Punjab Provincial Assembly.

    Twelve would be sufficient for a majority, based on earlier reported results of the PNL-N being 11 seats short of a majority on its own following the election. However, it would be the barest of majorities.


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