and in Fiji

The military regime has published a draft constitution. The regime constitution is radically different from the Ghai constitution released some months ago and most of the changes are for the worse. The regime has managed to establish possibly the worst constitution-making process possible. The draft will be enacted by decree after 2 weeks for public submissions which the regime can accept or disregard at pleasure.

In most ways this is almost as theoretical a constitution as the one just adopted in Zimbabwe and had been prepared in a much, much less transparent and accountable way. Less transparent and accountable than Zimbabwe is not a good look.

I found a version of the Ghai constitution without the watermark. The Fiji police seized all paper copies and burnt them which is why the PDF is hard to find. The Lowy Institute, to say the least, damns the process and its product with faint praise.

One thought on “and in Fiji

  1. If I didn’t know the name of the country responsible for it, it wouldn’t necessarily sound that bad. Power is concentrated in the hands of the Prime Minister, including the power to pick the president virtually at will, but the PM must be elected by a majority of the parliament.

    Of course this being Fiji means I have little confidence in this working out as written.

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