WBC ’13

Thanks to Chris in a WBC ’09 thread for reminding me that we need a place to talk about this year’s World Baseball Classic!

The Taiwan-Korea game on 6 March featured the most boring 8th inning comeback you could ever see.

It seems the WBC could use some good institutional engineers to correct such situations.

5 thoughts on “WBC ’13

  1. The Kingdom of the Netherlands defeats Cuba 6-2 in the first game of the Asian Round 2 (only one game each have been played in the Round 1 pools in Puerto Rico and Arizona)–Cuba won all three first round games comfortably. The Dutch are one win away from the final four, with two chances to qualify. Their only loss thus far came against Taipei in what was a home game for the Taiwanese.

    They don’t just look like Cinderellas, but like actual contenders at this point. Schoop is a quite impressive power hitter.

    The DR thrashed Venezuela yesterday, and the semi-pro Italian team surprised the mostly-AAA Mexicans 6-5.


  2. It’s worth mentioning that the Dutch are the defending Baseball World Cup champions, with mostly the same team as they have few major leaguers.

    They beat mostly the same Cuban team in the championship game of that tournament in 2011.


  3. I think the Dutch officially have to be considered contenders after knocking off Cuba a second time to reach the final four.


  4. I’d like to see the WBC replace the all star game every four years down the line. I think having the WBC in March is a mistake.
    It gets buried behind spring training, college basketball, NBA and NHL in the sports pages and TV and radio sports reports.

    There would be much less competition for coverage in July. The NHL has done away with their all star game every fourth year and they take a two week break for the Winter Olympics. MLB should consider something similar.


  5. I think the NHL’s decision to suspend the season, and incidentally the All Star Game, was made easier by the fact that the Olympic tournament already existed and players wanted to go.

    There is no long standing international baseball tournament that players are eager to go to that would get Selig and company to shut down the season in the middle of July.

    And as much as I wouldn’t mind seeing the All Star Game replaced by the WBC, it is becoming clear to me that someone in Selig’s office actually believes the nonsense that the All Star Game “counts” and wouldn’t let it be canceled because how else would they determine who hosts Game One of the World Series?


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