3 thoughts on “The “joke” that is the Philippines party-list system

  1. Wouldn’t the Philipino system be more proportionate than a true MMM system, as it disproportionately favours small parties compared to large ones. This would in effect counterbalance the FPTP tier?

    Of course, I assume parties may abuse this feature by splitting their lists up.

    By the way, is it one vote or two vote?

  2. “Changing the rules of the game: Philippines president Benigno Aquino seems to be considering a constitutional change that would allow him to serve a second term, writes Ronald D Holmes in Manila. But the country doesn’t need the acrimonious debate such a move would spark”
    Inside Story (15 September 2014)

    • Strange how it’s so often presidents ‘considering’ constitutional amendments they’re not formally supposed to have any role in passing…

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