Campaigning in Georgia’s mixed-member system

The Republic of Georgia goes to the polls in parliamentary elections on 1 October. The electoral system is mixed-member majoritarian (MMM; also known as a parallel system). There are 73 legislators elected in single-seat districts, and 77 from party lists.

The following is excerpted from Daily News Online, 26 August. It is an interesting example of campaigning to try to prevent a party’s supporters from splitting their vote.

Leader of opposition Georgian Dream coalition, Bidzina Ivanishvili, who is campaigning in Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region on August 26-27, called on supporters not to differentiate between supporting Georgian Dream in party-list and majoritarian contests when casting ballot in the October 1 parliamentary elections. …

“We’ve been hearing from many regions: ‘We’ll vote for the Georgian Dream [in party-list contest], but there is a very good majoritarian [MP candidate from other party], like Gegenava or someone else’; don’t trust such [approach]; if Gegenava supports the current government he too is responsible for the authorities’ each and every step,” Ivanishvili said, apparently referring to an incumbent ruling party lawmaker Archil Gegenava, who is running in the October 1 parliamentary elections to retain his majoritarian MP seat in Tbilisi’s Mtatsminda single-mandate constituency.

The constitutional system is semi-presidential. (President-parliamentaty subtype, I believe.)

One thought on “Campaigning in Georgia’s mixed-member system

  1. Currently, the system is president-parliamentary. However, major constitutional reforms were passed in 2010 that introduce a premier-presidential system. The reforms will come into effect after the presidential election in October 2013. The powers of the president were weakened considerably and role of the PM was strengthened. President Saakashvili is term-limited and cannot stand in 2013, leading to speculation that he will assume the position of PM then.

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