Gremlins again

Twice this week, we have had the return of orchard gremlins. It had not happened for a while, but now and then the blog software automatically re-sets all comments to off, and tells readers they must be “registered and logged in to comment”.

This is not a setting I am doing ((First time commenters will have their comment put in the moderation queue until I can confirm it.)); I have no idea why it happens, and no one ever needs to register or log-in to comment at F&V. Whenever I catch this having happened, I will reopen comments.

I also never close old threads. F&V works best when readers remember and locate an old thread and post a comment when something new has happened that is relevant to the thread.

There will be times now and then when I am unable to check for a day or two to make sure that comments are, in fact, open.

Thank you for you patience and for your comments.

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