PM-ship showdown in Australia Monday

Australia could have a new Prime Minister next week, depending on the outcome of a leadership contest in the Labor Party caucus.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

The Labor Party will undergo a leadership ballot on Monday morning after Kevin Rudd quit his post and flew back to Australia to challenge Julia Gillard for the job she took from him 20 months ago.

If Rudd wins, it may have implications for the current Labor-led minority government. At least two of the independent MPs have given some indications of doubt that they’d support a government under a changed PM.

4 thoughts on “PM-ship showdown in Australia Monday

  1. I am surprised that this government has lasted as long as it did.

    Will Gillard survive, Kevin Rudd is the lazarus kid, or snap elections?

    Who would win the election in a snap election situation?

    Is it possible that we would see another minority government?

    Could the Greens wins as many as 6 seats in the next (snap) election?


  2. The ALP really should just adopt a LDP or DCI style system where the party leadership rotates between factions every couple of years or so.

    Of course the LDP and DCI were in situations where it was pretty certain they would be at the center of the governing coalition after each election, so they could afford to indulge in this type of factionalism and their internal politics also mattered more.


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