The dwindling of the season

The Hachiya persimmon season is almost done. And so is Chanukah.


The fruit is fantastic this year, and always at its best when it can ripen on the tree. The Hachiya is an astringent variety, which must be super-soft before it is edible.

Note the menorah (technically, a chanukiyah) in the window. Later this evening, once it is dark, all eight ((Plus the shamash, the candle that stands higher than the rest and is used to light them.)) candles ((The astute observer may notice that this is an electric menorah. The one with real candles is in the house, but as one must publicize the miracle by having the candles be outside or in a window where passers-by will see them, and as the office (but not the house) has such a window, and as one should not leave candles unattended, the electric variety in the office window does the trick. In any case, the miracle concerned olive oil, not candles. But most of us use candles these days.)) will be lit.

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