Poor representation in Egypt

Commenting on the preliminary results of the first stage of the Egyptian elections, Samuel Tadros on 6 December noted that representation of the Christian minority is likely to be well below their share of the population.

Only four Christians won seats through the party-list system and three have reached the runoff stage on the individual seats. This number is not likely to increase dramatically in the next two stages, as the next two stages are taking place in governates with fewer Christian votes and candidates. The overall parliament will have fewer than ten Christians elected among its 498 members.

Women will also win few seats.

While the electoral system required parties to include a minimum of one woman in their lists, nearly all of them chose to put that women near the end of the list, and in the case of the Salafists, the very last name, ensuring they wouldn’t win.

Tadros also points to some important questions regarding runoffs in the two-seat districts. For instance,

What kind of coalitions will be built? In cases where a non-Islamist and a Salafist are running against two Muslim Brotherhood members, do they forge an alliance or are their ideological differences too deep to allow them from taking the right step electorally?

Best of, all, Tadros shows throughout the article that he knows the difference between a round and a stage.

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