Ontario Greens

Two questions on the Ontario Green Party that I hope someone can answer.

1. What happened to their campaign this time? In 2007, they came pretty close to winning one riding (district). ((I can’t recall which one. So I guess that’s yet another question that I hope someone can answer!)) Apparently they have almost no chance this time, despite this being the year when the national Green Party got its first seat (in British Columbia).

2. Is the Green Party of Ontario really to the right of the Liberal Party (on the socio-economic dimension), as well as more socially conservative? That is what the CBC’s Ontario Votes-Vote Compass says.

3 thoughts on “Ontario Greens

  1. If I scanned through the printed report [PDF] correctly – the two best ridings for the Greens in the 2007 election were

    Bruce – Grey – Owens Sound
    Cons. 47%
    Green 33%
    Lib. 15%


    Lib 41%
    Cons 24%
    Green 20%

    I suspect that the Bruce … result is what you are recalling – although the only way that turns into “pretty close to winning” depends on strategic voting from Lib and/or NDP voters switching to Green – a 14% margin is pretty substantial.

  2. Thanks, Don. That is probably it (the Bruce… one). And it was indeed not close. Still an impressive showing by a Green to be in second place, with a third of the vote.

    Was any riding that strong for Greens this year? I doubt it.

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