The dangers of Egypt’s new electoral system

Max Fisher, in The Atlantic, writes about the dangers to Egypt’s (supposed) transition to democracy posed by the electoral system chosen for November’s election.

The system adopted seems to be along the lines of what we discussed here some months ago. A potentially highly majoritarian mixed-member system: a nominal tier with 2-seat districts, and a parallel list tier with an average magnitude of only around 4.

Fisher poses the concern that it could favor the least unpopular of Egypt’s many fledgling parties.

Hat tip to Andrew Reynolds.

One thought on “The dangers of Egypt’s new electoral system

  1. David Jandura argues that Egypt’s system is actually favourable to small parties, since the proportional tier uses largest remainders with a Hare quota, instead of, say, d’Hondt.

    I’m not sure this really compensates for the one-third of seats that are elected by plurality, or for the fairly small average district magnitude.

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