The Golden Rose and Pink synagogues

This is the Golden Rose Synagogue, or what is left of it.

Lviv synagogue ruins_1

The photo (taken by me) is from 2005. Built in the late 16th century, the Golden Rose was once one of the most important centers of Jewish life in the old Austro-Hungarian empire. It is located in Lviv, Ukraine (formerly Lvov, Poland, and before that Austrians and the Yiddish-speaking Jews knew the city as Lemberg). The ruins, as well as the near-absence of Jews in Lviv today, are a legacy of the Shoah (Holocaust).

According to Tom Gross at The Guardian’s Comment is Free blog, the synagogue is under threat from a hotel project. This has been denied by the Mayor of Lviv.

I don’t know who is right, but this a key cultural landmark, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It needs to be preserved.

The story has me wondering about the safety of another incredible synagogue that we saw, the 17th century Pink Synagogue of Zhovka (which is near Lviv).

Zhovka pink synagogue 2_1

Obviously, this building is far more intact. Just as obviously, it is (or was in 2005) in a very serious state of disrepair.

I went to look up “pink synagogue zhovka” in Google, and the first hit is my own Laderafrutal travel page! I could not find anything about its current condition, six years since I was there. Maybe no news is good news.

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