NDP rules for leadership selection

The federal council of Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP) has announced its rules for picking a leader to replace the late Jack Layton.

The party will hold a leadership convention in March.

An intra-party controversy has been voiced in recent weeks about whether to guarantee affiliation labor unions a share of the votes for leader, or to operate under a “one member, one vote” principle. Apparently this has been resolved in favor of the latter (although news items earlier today had reported otherwise).

Another challenge faced by the party is that it has few members in Quebec, the province that now provides a majority of its parliamentary caucus, since the remarkable surge in the recent parliamentary elections.

3 thoughts on “NDP rules for leadership selection

  1. The date (March 24), location, membership cutoff deadline, entry fee, and spending limit was set by the party’s Federal Council last Friday. The voting rules remain as set by the party convention in 2006, which are different than they were when Jack Layton was elected leader in 2003. The membership figures are currently low in Quebec but they were once around 15,000 and the campaign teams will be selling memberships furiously between now and Feb. 18. I would expect 25,000 members in Quebec by then, if not 35,000.

    Brian Topp was the first candidate to announce, today. Media have all said it was an excellent launch.

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