Some things I’d blog about–if I had time

Getting ready for some travel, so time is short. Activity will be very minimal around here for a while, other than any comments you readers put in (or guest plantings by those with the “planting tools.”)

    1. A recent report (see coverage in the Globe and Mail) says that British Columbia’s carbon tax has been a success. Meanwhile, the Australian government (Labor, backed by Greens and some independents) is again working on passing a carbon tax plan.

    2. Even small parties can have policy success. The Party for the Animals won 2 seats in the most recent Dutch elections, and has teamed up with Geert Wilders’ Islamophobes to pass a ban on ritual slaughter of the type required for observant Muslims–and Jews. The European Jewish Congress will sue to try to block it. (It still has to pass the the Netherlands’ other legislative house, and it might not.) Ritual slaughter has also recently been banned in New Zealand. Bad news for religious freedom from two supposedly “liberal” countries.

    3. “Palestine” won’t be much of a state as long as it continues to have two governments.

    4. Why is Jordan Walden an All Star? Six blown saves is a lot for half a season! (Actually, it would be on the high side for a full season.)

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