Macri’s rabbi

So what do you do if you are mayor of a major city, and your opponent is Jewish?

Recruit a rabbi to head your list for the local legislature, of course.

That’s what Mauricio Macri, Mayor of Buenos Aires, has done: the top-ranked candidate on the list of his PRO party in the 10 July elections is Rabbi Sergio Bergman, described by JTA as “one of Buenos Aires’ most prominent spiritual leaders.”

Macri’s main opponent is Daniel Filmus, a former national Minister of Education, and the favored candidate of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

3 thoughts on “Macri’s rabbi

  1. Having a rabbi on the BA council is small consolation for the countervailing effect of List PR – that it inevitably elects Nazis. Don’t people remember how Professor Hermens accurately predicted post-war Germany’s re-descent into far-Right totalitarianism?

    [sarcasm off]

    • Actually, Tom, you have more of a point than you might realize! The article mentions some neo-nazis that will also possibly win representation.

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