The cross-cutting anti-AV campaign

The campaign ahead of the UK referendum on the Alternative Vote is seeing some rather strange cross-party activity.

In one of the more curious pairings of the modern political era, David Cameron will today share a platform with the Labour former cabinet heavyweight John Reid as the battle over electoral reform escalates and cuts across party lines. [Independent, 18 April 2011]

The Labour leader, Ed Milliband, is formally supporting AV, but about 100 Labour MPs are against it, as is Cameron and most of his Conservative Party. The LibDems, partners in government with the Conservatives, are of course in favor of AV.

2 thoughts on “The cross-cutting anti-AV campaign

  1. I assume D-Cam and Reid will argue jointly that FPTP allows clear-cut electoral choices between two distinctly different parties, whereas PR [sic] systems like AV allow the political elite to collude in forming cosy coalitions that shut out the voters.

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