Comment problems again?

I should know that when even the spammers stop “commenting,” as they did sometime last week, something is wrong.

I just checked the Word Press settings and found that the box that says that one must be “registered and logged in” in order to comment was checked. I did not check it.

How can a setting check itself? The answer, the previous of several times this had happened, seemed to be a hacker. I changed my password and made other fixes (with help of some of this blog’s greatest supporters). And yet this has happened again.

As of the moment, all recent posts should be open for comments. Older ones are still automatically shut down. I hope to insert some code in the near future that will automatically re-open them.

As always, thanks to my readers for their support and patience as we work out the bugs.

Bugs can be the downfall of any orchard, including the virtual kind.

5 thoughts on “Comment problems again?

  1. Greg (#1), I believe that much hacking of blogs and other websites has the objective of planting strings of text meant for search engines to find. Academic and political blogs are especially vulnerable because they often need to allow comments from all legitimate visitors in order to serve their purpose. But I’m not sure why this hacker insists on changing the comments setting.

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