Did Kenya adopt MMP?

A student’s project prompted me to google “Kenya MMP.”

The first “hit” was for the Maasai Music Project, which sounds interesting, but not quite what I was looking for.

The second suggests that MMP was at least seriously considered, if not ultimately adopted, as part of the recent constitutional amendment process.

Maybe a reader knows how this process turned out…

2 thoughts on “Did Kenya adopt MMP?

  1. Apparently, the answer is no. Like the earlier commission proposal for premier-presidentialism, this MMP proposal was gutted once it got to the parties. It appears the electoral system will remain mostly FPTP, but with a small number of list seats (non-compensatory).

    The constitutional structure will be pure presidential and bicameral.

  2. Thanks for this, Matthew. It’s too bad we don’t have another African example of MMP (along with Lesotho), but there are some examples of MMM. The proposal for Kenya looks like what they have in the Philippines, I think.

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