I am in the process of updating Word Press, which powers this blog.

Some features may be disabled for a bit.

Update (to the update): The new version of Word Press is installed, but at the moment you need a direct link to get to any post other than this one. This process may not be complete today, but please be patient.

Further update:
It seems things are back in order. (Thanks, Steven!) There remain various other things to be done before the virtual orchard is completely back in business.

4 thoughts on “Updating

  1. Indeed, Vasi, it is perfect timing!

    (Although, my almond is nowhere near ready to bloom, so I suspect we will need two months of Adar this year.)

  2. I wanted to add something to http://fruitsandvotes.com/?p=910 but even the ‘overplanted’ sign didn’t appear.

    (What I wanted to plant there: In DRCongo, parliament changed the constitution to avoid an onerous and dangerous (bipolar contest as in Ivory Coast) secound round in the presidential elections: a plurality (one round) is sufficient. Assuming several opposition candidates int he first round, Kabila is blamed to secure his reelection by ‘manipultaing’ the electoral law. Or will a different rule (only one round) bring the oppostion closer together and counteract the assumtion?)

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