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Espen sends this note, which may be of use to folks trying to get around the latest spontaneous combustion of the virtual orchard:

To access comments, chop off the last bit of gibberish which as of now is included in the links. It seems all posts have gotten new addresses, namely date, title, and something like the following:


This needs to be taken off to get to a post. Of course, most of them will say that the “soil has been over-planted”, including the latest update on comments (Blog problem update). Also, now leads directly to that last post.

Again, I have no idea why these things are happening; I have not tinkered with settings or installed any new plug-ins.

Thanks, Espen, for the note.

One thought on “Blog navigation

  1. Unfortunately, that looks like someone is trying to inject code into F&V—ie: hack the site. I’d take a backup of the site as soon as possible.

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