NZ MMP polling

A NZ Herald-Digi poll shows a big increase in support for MMP, compared to the last poll, over a year ago. Support for the current system has grown from about 36% to more than 50%.

Unfortunately, the report in the NZ Herald does not discuss reasons why there has been such growth in pro-MMP sentiment.

The referendum will be concurrent with the general election later this year.

6 thoughts on “NZ MMP polling

  1. Good op-ed about the evolution of MMP, and favorable to its retention (with reforms). Thanks, Errol.

    It includes this statement: “Of course, MMP needs an overhaul with some of the glaring rorts addressed.” Rorts? That’s a word in Kiwish that I don’t know!

  2. Kiwistralianglish, thanks. I now understand the blank looks I got when I used the word “rorts” in the USA.

    Basically: “dirty tricks/ lurks and perks/ manipulating or gaming a set of rules”, also a verb, eg, “rorting the welfare system”.

    I suspect it comes from Gaelic via Irish convicts in Australia and Scots settlers in NZ.

  3. The Macquarie Dictionary (Seventh Edition) says the origin is unknown. The principal definition is:

    an incident or series of incidents involving reprehensible or suspect behaviour, especially by politicians or officials

    The Australian National Dictionary Centre says:

    A fraudulent or dishonest act or practice (a tax rort). Also used as a verb (to rort the system). Rort comes from standard English rorty meaning ‘boisterous, jolly’, and, in the late nineteenth century, ‘coarse, of dubious propriety’. The second sense of rorty disappeared, but has been retained in the Australian rort. First recorded 1919.

    Secondary meanings include a wild party, taking over a political party by by reprehensible or suspect means and, in New Zealand only, an act of sexual intercourse. I suspect the New Zealand secondary meaning is actually a contagion from ‘root’ which sounds very similar and has a similar secondary meaning in Australia/New Zealand English. To root for a football team is a quite different experience on both sides of the Tasman Sea.

    One could (for instance) say that Bush v Gore rorted the electoral system. The discerning reader may judge for themselves in what sense I use the word.

  4. Speculation that the NZ PM is about to announce the election (and referendum )date. If it is in November, this is rather more notice than normal (but a ‘normal’ time for the election). Timing is complicated by a perceived desire to avoid campaigning while NZ is hosting the Rugby World Cup.

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