Bert Blyleven has finally made it to the Hall of Fame. It is about time.

He barely made it in, with 79.7%, where 75% is required. But that’s good enough. Last year he just missed, with 74.2%. His surge in votes last year, and ultimate election now, is a real victory for the sabermetric revolution in player evaluation.

Robert Alomar was also elected, easily: he moved from last year’s 73.7% to 90%.

The next closest is Barry Larkin, whose percentage grew from 51.6 to 62.1. I am not sure he is a Hall of Famer, but I am also not sure he is not. The votes changes suggest the HoF electorate has a similar collective conflict.

Two other “may be deserving but unclear” candidates, Jack Morris and Lee Smith, barely moved in the voting compared to last year.

Votes totals at Baseball Reference.

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