Snap election in Kosovo

Via DW:

Voters in Kosovo are to go to the polls in snap elections on Dec. 12, after Prime Minister Hashim Thaci’s weakened government supported a no-confidence vote in the country’s parliament. […]

The no-confidence motion on Tuesday was supported by 64 of the 120 legislators. It was submitted two weeks after Thaci’s coalition fell apart when former President Fatmir Sejidu pulled his party out of the governing coalition. Sejidu also stepped down as president in mid-October, after the country’s constitutional court ruled that he could not be the leader of a political party and the country’s president at the same time.

This will be the country’s first election since its declaration of independence.

The president of Kosovo is a mostly ceremonial head of state, elected by the National Assembly; the country has a parliamentary system of government.

The electoral system is proportional in a nationwide constituency. The assembly consists of 120 seats, with 20 set aside for the Serb minority. Apparently the system was changed from closed lists to open-list PR prior to the 2007 election. The linked item, from Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, says that voters could vote for up to ten candidates on a list. (That’s a lot!)

2 thoughts on “Snap election in Kosovo

  1. My further research into the Kosovar system has turned up an amendment to the law. As of a few weeks ago, voters will be able to cast up to 5 preference votes for the party list that they vote for.

    If the system in Kosovo exhibits similar characteristics of personal vote seeking incentives as described by Shugart and Carey (1995), this larger number of preference votes may decrease intraparty competition and possibly decrease the willingness of voters to disturb the party lists compared to what would be expected with only one preference vote.

  2. John, in your previous comment* you said:

    “Votes with no preference marking or more [than allowed] will be awarded to the candidate at the top of the party list.”

    So is it a flexible list, rather than an open list?
    * Which I found in the moderation queue and which you later said to disregard (based on a point other than the one I am quoting here).

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