After two games, the composite World Series score stands at 20-7.

Before the Series, had you told me the two-game score would be 20-7, I would have said that’s not a surprise. The Rangers are that kind of offensive force.

Wait a second! …The team with the 20 is the Giants?

4 thoughts on “20-7

  1. The odd thing -and this is true of some of the other playoff games- is that these games have been low scoring and close through the initial innings. Then, in one of the later innings, one of the teams just gets a big inning off of the other team’s bullpen.

    Its still winnable for the Rangers. There have been Series when one team loses the first two games at home -in this case the Rangers lost on the road- and still won the Series.

  2. It is still very winnable for the Rangers. I did some research years ago, and Games 1 and 3 are the two games where the home team has a statistically significant tendency to win. All the others are practically even.

    If the Rangers win Game 3, I would still expect the Series to go 6 or 7. But then I have been wrong before…

    And, yes, Ed, the bullpens have had their struggles pretty much all around this postseason.

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