Random postseason thoughts

It was nice to see both League Championship Series go to six games. We had not had that happen since 2004, when both went seven (for the second year in a row; we were spoiled back then). 2003 was the last time both leagues’ championship series and the World Series went at least six. So here’s hoping for at least six games in the World Series this year!

I think we all knew the Yankees pitching was suspect, but I sure did not see a 2:1 ALCS run ratio coming. The Rangers outscored the Yankees, 38-19. Had the Rangers’ bullpen found a way not to squander a 4-run 8th-inning lead in Game 1, it would have been a sweep. As it was, the Yankees managed to win two and make it a long series. But it was not a close one.

There is a pattern with the Rangers: despite their division series against Tampa Bay going the 5-game distance (and with the road team winning every game!), that series also was not close in runs: 21-13. So that’s 59 runs scored in eleven games, against 32 allowed.

Speaking of run differentials, the NLCS was about as close as they get. The Phillies actually led the run-scoring, 20-19. Close games are a pattern with this Giants team. They only outscored the Braves in the 4-game Division Series, 11-9. That’s thirty runs scored in ten postseason games! And 29 allowed.

One particularly enjoyable thing about postseason baseball is the appearance of starting pitchers in relief. Roy Oswalt did not do so well in his appearance. Tim Lincecum did not fare so well in Game 6, either, despite the better result for his team. Madison Bumgarner, however, was sharp.

I was hoping the NLCS would go to a seventh game, because we might have gotten to see Roy Halladay in relief.

The Rangers’ offense might have some trouble with that big sea-level ballpark in San Francisco. The NL has the World Series home-field advantage this year, so that factor could be a difference-maker. On the other hand, the Rangers pitching is going to like it there. And, averaging not even three runs allowed against good lineups in the postseason, the Rangers’ pitching is good.

The Rangers have never been in a World Series, and the Giants have not won one since 1954 in New York.

Did I mention I hope the series goes seven, or at least six?

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